Does you bathtub look worn, chipped, faded, stained or outdated tub and tiles?

Does your bathtub look worn, chipped, faded, stained or outdated tub and tiles? We at Globexx Inc. can give them a brand new look using our bathtub refinishing services with our specialized acrylic urethane coating system.


We use the highest quality repair materials available like paints and primers that are specifically formulated for the refinishing industry. Our products are professionally sprayed on using an HVLP compressor and top of the line spray guns. This will leave your tub and tiles with a smooth glossy finish that will last for years to come.

The process starts with a surface preparation which includes sanding and extensive cleaning. Next a molecular bonding agent is applied before we apply several coats of an acrylic topcoat. All of this builds up a beautiful new bathtub reglazing surface which will look and feel great.

We only use the best products from our business partners

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Saving time & money:

  • Tub, Tile & Sink Re-Glazing

  • Colour Change

  • Cracks & Hole Repairs

  • Fixture Colour Changing

  • Colour Matching

  • Cracks & Holes Mended

Globexx Incorporated, bath resurfacing and repair can help you save around 80 percent compared to a full bath replacement. It is a smarter choice for those who wish to avoid the cost and hassle involved in replacing parts or all of a bathroom. From minor chips on your bath, tiles or shower tray to complete resurfacing of your bathtub and tiles.



​Awesome Results

for a Fraction of cost

Reglaze, better than replace

While we’re giving your bathtub new life, let us also cover your tiles with our tile refinishing services. We’ll clean it off all mildew and mold and then glaze it up with a beautiful covering.

All the old caulking, the mold and mildew is removed. The tiles are then cleaned using our industrial strength cleaners and a special bonding agent is applied. Then the tiles are sprayed with our coating system. This gives them a fresh new look and also eliminates the need for regrouting!

This is a great way to get a new tile look without the cost, mess and time it takes to replace the old ones.