Single Point Water Battery Technology

Automatic filling of traction and stationary batteries

Battery Water Technologies Award

Battery Watering Technologies, a leader in traction battery hydration technology, rewards the enormous success achieved in South America by Globexx North America, bringing American technology to the Brazilian industry.


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Globexx North America Inc is a North American company located in Malden, Massachusetts-USA, with business in Africa and South America. We operate in several areas of production offering specific machinery to increase productivity, as well as solutions for maintenance of equipment industries. Our focus is to offer intelligent solutions to recurring problems in the production process, prioritizing the safety of consumers, products, equipment, environment and the functional team, contributing to work safety and prevention against occupational diseases.

We have a long history of pioneering, providing high technologies such as:  pressurized systems hydration for single point industrial batteries, electronic battery management, ergonomic equipment for logistic support, cargo handling, among other punctual solutions to the challenges of the logistics of the pharmaceutical industry, food, beverages, retailers, wholesalers, and petrochemicals.



Globexx North America – USA

214 Commercial Street Suit  204A

Malden, MA - 02148
US @ +1 781 552-1990

BR @ +55 11 4949-5601

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