One of the most difficult challenges is determining when to water your battery. 

The i-Lite™ 

sensor makes this effortless.

i-Light Sensor

How does it work?

The smartest, safest and most accurate way to know when your batteries need water. The technologically advanced

i-Lite™ sensor improves battery maintenance by alerting operators with the brightest LED visual indication of battery electrolyte level.

i-Lite™ Sensor Light Guide

Water level is low
Only water after charging

Water level

is OK


to See

and Use

- Green light indicates electrolyte level is okay
- Red light indicates water after next complete charge
- Probe can be mounted in the center of the battery and the light placed where it is easy to see

Superior Design and Manufacturing

- Very bright LED encased in polycarbonate housing for superior viewing
- Low current draw will not drain the battery
- Probe is made from lead so it will not harm the battery
- Low profile reduces damage from battery cables as they move across the top of the battery
- EPDM grommet ensures perfect seal between the probe and cell
- No calibration necessary

Safest Sensor Available

- Electronic housing is separate from the sensor probe
- Multiple fuses eliminate the possibility of unrestricted current flow in any direction
- Sensor is protected against transient voltages and
incorrect polarity
- Eliminates the need for battery room attendants to peer into vent wells to check electrolyte levels

Customized to Fit Your Battery

- Multiple precut probe lengths available

Guaranteed Performance

- One-year limited warranty
- The i-Lite™ sensor protects your battery investment and is designed to last the life of your battery

Technical Specifications

- Operating Voltage 8 - 12 V Nominal
- Current Consumption 15 mA
- Acceptable Exposure Range -20˚F to 160˚F (-29˚C to 71˚C)

i-Lite™ Sensor


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