Proper maintenance of your flooded lead/acid battery will prolong its useful life and aid in receiving the largest return on your investment. One of the most important factors in battery maintenance is when and how much water to add to a battery throughout its cycles. Adding water at the wrong time could cause it to "boil" over and weaken the battery capacity. Allowing a battery to go dry will cause sulfation on the plates, loss of life cycles, and ultimately ruin the battery. Globexx USA offers a full line of products for SPW systems specifically designed for industrial batteries to make battery watering easier and safer, saving you time and money. The SPW system works by replacing the batteries existing vent caps with patented valves that are interconnected with tubing, allowing the user to fill all cells of the battery from a single remote location. Each valve independently shuts off water flow to the cell when the proper electrolyte level is reached, allowing the batteries to be filled perfectly every time without even having to look at the batteries. We stock many popular parts for these systems such as water guns, portable water tanks, deionizers, and water monitors to keep you up and running continuously.

Our automatic battery filling system SINGLE POINT has deserved special attention from the engineers and maintenance personnel from large distribution centers and industries specifically for the critical nature of the products handled in these operations.

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The Process

The process of watering industrial batteries is one of the factors that consume the most time in the maintenance of these types of equipment. The process is painful, dangerous and can cause fatal accidents for the technicians that perform this function.

With the SINGLE POINT Watering Valves System, the process is maximized significantly, making watering batteries quick and safe. The equipment is easy to install and requires no training.

The Equipment

Centurion Valves

Safety and labor savings are of the utmost importance to Globexx USA. Centurion valves are manufactured with the highest quality materials that keep all working parts above the battery cell.

Globexx USA | Single Point Valves | Call no @00-21-1-781-552-1990

Indicator Eye

Visible from the top and

side - Confirms proper

operation of valves.

Globexx USA | Single Point Valves | Call no @00-21-1-781-552-1990

Tubing Barbs

Eliminates the need for clamps and angled to make installation easy in tight configurations


The z-Lock feature integrates the tee piece with the valve for added strength

Hydrometer Port

Hydrometer readings can be taken without removing the valve from the battery. The hydrometer opening has a slider with a stop so the covering won’t break or get lost. (Hydrometer Part # 09HYCT)

Clip-in Base

Installation is fast and easy - No twisting to lock in place

Low Profile Design

Drastically reduces the risk of damage from battery cables

Solid One

Piece Float

Acid, temperature and impact resistant - Solid construction cannot absorb water

Encapsulated Float

Reinforced encapsulation protects the float and eliminates interference with the moss shield.

The advantages

Fits Every Battery Application: Globexx USA provides valves to fit every

configuration. For more in-depth valve information, please visit our website.


Widest Pressure Range: The valves operate with pressure from 3-35 PSI using our filling

devices. House static pressure should never be more than 90 PSI. If needed, a variety of

pressure regulators are available to lower pressure.


5 Year Warranty: The valves are warranted for a full five years (fast charge for three years).

If a valve causes a cell failure due to a manufacturing defect, the valve and the cell will be

repaired or replaced.


Faster: With less time spent watering batteries, employees will have more time to take care

of other responsibilities.


Safer: The internal working components of the valve are above the cells, keeping them out

of the electrolyte. The level indicator eye verifies proper valve operation. Valves should only

be removed during routine maintenance, eliminating the risk of battery acid exposure or

damaging floors and equipment.

Better: Globexx USA’ valves add the correct amount of water every time.

With proper battery maintenance, you can add years to the life of your batteries

Globexx USA | Single Point Valves Kit | Call no @00-21-1-781-552-1990

The Complete Kit can be installed on the battery in just seconds.

Globexx USA | Single Point Valves Kit | Call no @00-21-1-781-552-1990

Complete Kit

We quickly learned that a pain point for our customers was putting all those parts and pieces together. Today, we do the hard part for you. Our trained staff can pretty much build anything you want, how you want it. All kits are made to order at no extra cost - just the way you like them.

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